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This podcast is dedicated to regular family guys who live irregular lives and their wacky adventures in parenting. Everyone knows a Rad Dad, be it a good or bad in your eyes, you can't deny they are interesting dudes! Hosted by three tattoo artist veterans who have taken the sword of fatherhood, Albert, Jeron, and Kelly will take you on a laughable, misfortunate, judging, and certifiably insane journey of parenting done as best we can without burning this mother #&%$@! down.
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Oct 24, 2016

Happy Halloween, Folks! This week The Rad Dads welcome Andy Howl, Owner of Howl Gallery and creator of the evil art project "The Devil's Reign". Andy joins us to talk about The Church of Satan, putting rumors to rest and enlightening us on the anti-religion itself. Andy bring us an insight art, and the mysticism of dark subject material within art. Andy is the owner of Howl Gallery, a unique art gallery/music venue/ tattoo studio in Southwest Florida. We talk about our love of comics, classic screen printed rock show posters, and of course, our take on last night's season premier of The Walking Dead. SPOILER ALERT!!!! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVE YET TO SEE IT!

Oct 18, 2016

Happy Halloween Everyone! This episode the Rad Dads welcome head webmaster and podcast host of John Roisland. We discuss his website and podcast, which is centered around all things horror..movies, books, hauntings and more. Albert also reveals a close friend is actually experiencing a bit of paranormal activity and John weighs in on advice and opinions. 

Oct 11, 2016

The main man Just from the Bad Parenting Podcast and head dude of the Podcast Collective joins the Rad Dads for an evening of fun.

Oct 4, 2016

This Episode our hosts with the most sit down and do some decent reviews on their current show binges including Supernatural, Gotham, The Clone Wars Animated Series, Westworld, The Force Awakens and more. Jeron and Kelly give their take on FanFest Orlando.  In true spirit of the show, the fellas change gears and touch on teenage angst and how to survive such things as adolescent depression, cutting, and drugs. Jeron asks for advice on how to draw the line with babies who test the limits with behavior. The Dads tackle the issue of priotities within the family unit and how to cope with the parent life overtaking the relationship.